Mission, Vision and Beliefs

School Mission:

Peachtree Elementary School , supported by home and community, will prepare students to become independent, lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

School Vision:

Our vision for Peachtree Elementary is to become a partner in the growth of our students, community and future educators. We will provide our students with the background to search out the answers to questions in the 21st Century. We will partner with higher education to model and share effective teaching practices with education majors, who will bring fresh, up-to-date research based teaching techniques to our students. Our students will have access to computer technology to enhance their curriculum, as well as, providing them with a means of broadening their knowledge without boundaries. We will work to have our parents and community share in the education of our students. We must address the problems of childhood obesity and diabetes. We can best do this by modeling good nutrition through proper school meals, healthy school snacks, nutrition education, an active physical education program, and state of the art playground equipment that is designed to physically challenge students and their families. With creativity, we will prepare new and interesting projects that will challenge our students and expand their minds to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams. We will praise our students for jobs well done and encourage them to try again when they fail. With wisdom, they may then look toward the future and see the effects of all their hard work.

School Beliefs:

We believe that the primary focus of our school is student learning in a safe and stimulating educational environment.

We believe that students should be involved in and held accountable for their own academic progress.

We believe that each student has unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs; therefore, in using various methods to teach to students' strengths, we can help them become self sufficient, independent learners.

We believe that students need to apply their learning in meaningful contexts and have appropriate opportunities for success.

We believe in instilling the high moral values of mutual respect, perseverance, and integrity.